What Is Rolfing And How Does It Work?

What is Rolfing?Rolfing, or structural integration, is a form of bodywork or deep tissue massage that works specifically with the fascia, the connective tissue of the body. Using hands-on techniques, a Rolfing practitioner (or Rolfer) manipulates the fascia to release tension and ensure the fascia tissue is properly aligned. Rolfing patients are typically taught breathing …

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Podcast 00 is up!

Homeland Holistic Healing with Rachel Shri   Rachel Shri is talking with Veterans about the different paths they have taken for healing, so that other veterans can heal themselves too. Maybe it was yoga, hiking, or Comedy, each week she speaks to a different veteran about their path. Each veteran is healing from PTSD, Depression, …

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Well today I did a video for my facebook and instagram. I usually dont like videos… I am a photographer and love being behind the camera. However an amazing friend and Veteran, Eric Donoho, inspired me to be honest. I am a healer, a veteran, and a human. I have always been a over sharer, …

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Whats New at IRY???

i.R.Y. is happy to provide free yoga for veterans through Comeback yoga Wednesday nights at 530 pm. We also are providing iRest Meditation for all at 7 pm for, cost is 20$ or pay what you can. Both of these classes are small and intimate great for beginners or the more experienced practitioner.