Rachel Lauderbaugh is an iRest Meditation teacher®, Rolfer®, and Trauma sensitive yoga teacher. She works with the entire body and mind to help heal from the inside out.

Rachel came to these different modalities in healing as a way to heal her own injuries from the military and surgery. This path of self-healing and in turn helping others started 17 years ago when she was stationed at Aviano Ab, Italy. She started practicing yoga to deal with the stress of the war and being one of the few females in a male dominated career field. The iRest meditation came many years later when she left the military and was diagnosed with PTSD. iRest is scientifically proven to help reverse the damage done by PTSD, help ease anxiety, help with sleep, and many other benefits. Rachel then had shoulder surgery to repair damage from an accident. After the surgery and many hours of Physical therapy she searched for some sort of help to ease the pain and bring back the mobility in her shoulder. A friend told her to try Rolfing, and from the very first session she felt better, had more range of motion, and knew she needed to learn more about Rolfing.

Rachel is a Certified Rolfer and is different from other Rolfers as she incorporates the iRest meditation practice with clients during the Rolfing session when it is called for. Some people are unaware that they hold Trauma in the body. It’s perfectly normal; it’s a safety mechanism so that during times of stress or danger we can survive. However if this trauma is not heard and released it can arise as pain or discomfort in the body at some point later in life. Rachel will work with the client using the iRest practice if some trauma comes to the surface during the Rolfing session, not only healing the body from the trauma but also releasing it from the mind.