What the #$%@ am I doing???

Wow. I’m doing it again. That’s what going through my brain. Also…What the Hell am I doing! I am trying to run a business, work in and on my business, gain clients, and all the other fun things that comes with running a small business. But as my friend Eric asked me to step up and be the project manager for this non-profit I felt I needed something in my life. A way to appreciate my life, to fully live again, because the last three years have been kind of a do-over, a start again. After the ending of my almost 16 years of marriage, and the separation of myself from the military life after almost thirty-five years, I felt lost and so lonely.

Would this new volunteer opportunity breathe new breath into me? I still don’t know. I am hopeful that it will. I am hopeful that it will help me connect more with this community that I have been living on the edge of for the last two years.


So this project manager position has now morphed into I need to raise 15,000$. How the *#@$ do I do that? I have some ideas, some grand ideas I’m sure, but I cant do this alone. I am going to have to step out of my comfort zone and ask for so much help. Ick. Help. The worst four letter word for a lot of people, for a veteran, for me… ick. Double ick. But here I go. Help me. Please!


So this 15,000$ will help bring 125 wheel chairs to the West Bank, and 200 wheel chairs to Nepal! That is so insane. Changing the lives of 325 children with this project. Which is so exciting, but the part I am most excited about after the chairs is I get to share my healing work with people who probably don’t even have an idea what is! I get to Rolf stressed out parents, kids who have mobility issues, and who know what other ways I can help change their lives. I also cannot wait to see how my life will be dramatically changed from this adventure. Because how could it not be?





Lover of Dogs, and a passion for helping people

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