Well today I did a video for my facebook and instagram. I usually dont like videos… I am a photographer and love being behind the camera. However an amazing friend and Veteran, Eric Donoho, inspired me to be honest. I am a healer, a veteran, and a human. I have always been a over sharer, some people have taken issue with that. However, the people who need me have never taken issue with it. I feel by sharing my struggles and being honest that others can seek help and heal themselves. iRest and Yoga saved my life and ground me every day. Rolfing has saved me from a surgery and helped me recover from another surgery. Every time I receive Rolfing I am like whoa….! Wow….! this stuff is amazing. Then I laugh because its a job I do everyday to others, however receiving it is a completely different story! I am going to post some of the best responses I receive during sessions ( getting permission ad leaving names out!) The responses and comments people have when they get up off the table sometimes is just too priceless not to share! Love to you all! What do you want Blogs to be about??? Let me know!



Lover of Dogs, and a passion for helping people

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