Rolfing Really Works!!!!!

So this is just a short post about a personal experience I had two days ago. I moved in bed, heard a loud popping in my neck which resulted in me not being able to move and being in extreme pain! I had to have help to even sit up, and once I was up right in gravity the left side of my face and shoulder went numb. I was in full panic mode. It was also 0630 on a Sunday morning. I called every Rolfer, Chiropractor I could find on the internet. Well surprise surprise no Chiropractors were open on a Sunday, but thankfully Rolfers were open and able to see me! I choose a colleague I knew from school and got in to see her about four hours after the neck issue happened. I could still not move and everything from the top of my head to my shoulders was stiff! I was worse then Darth Vader! I was statue-esc! After a one hour session with the Rolfer, she mainly focused on the muscles on the front of my neck, and along the side of my face I could move! The pain was almost completely gone and when I pulled out of her parking lot I could turn my head to back up with no pain! Times like that remind me of why I love my profession. The session was so gentle, no popping of bones back into place. Just calming the nervous system and releasing the tension and poof I was 90% better! Huge shout out to Rolfing and the healing it can do!!! Check out a Rolfer before or after a chiropractor too if you want to see how much gentler and just as effective it can be!



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