Session 2 . Of The 10 Series

Why the 10 series?
Session 2

Session two is all about finding the earth and grounding yourself so that balance can start from the feet up in gravity. What does that mean? Think about your feet. Walk around the room. Do you feel your feet? The outside edges, the inside edges? Do your toes flex freely? Do you have flexible ankles? Do your lower leg bones move and work as shock absorbers for your body? All these questions and ideas are what a rolfer maybe looking for in session two. If any one of these areas is not moving as well as it could be, or is not being using in the most optimum way it can affect the entire body. Getting the kness to Toes in alignment may help ease neck pain, shoulder pain, and make standing and walking easier.

Session two works from toes to knees, or knees to toes, depending on what draws the attention of the Rolfer. Session two helps the client feel their feet and find a good connection to the ground as they are walking. This session might also involve a lot more client movement then session one. Session one the client may have worked on breathing and expanding the ribs. In session two there will be ankle movement, toe movement, maybe even movement in the knees to help the body open and release better. Session two is also about bringing more awareness to the body. How it is moving, where it is connecting, and how can it possibly move better?

Session two can relieve a lot of discomfort in the body. From planter-fasciitis relief, to relief from shin splints, locked knees, ankle immobility. When our feet can move not as a single unit, but as a shock absorber with all the bones moving independently, our bodies feel lighter and easier to move.



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