Session 1 Of The 10-Series

Rolfing is ideally done in a 10 series. Which means 10 different sessions focusing on different parts of the body and different ideas about how those areas can best be served. For example can the shoulders move independently of the rib cage? Or is the body functioning and moving around some sort of restriction or adhesion? The human Body is amazing, and even if you are pain free and functioning well, it does not mean that your body has not made some sort of adaption to accommodate a pattern. Rolfing can help you recognize that pattern and maybe even find a better way for your body to move and function.

So session one is mostly about the Breath. Something we do all day and night, and if you are not a Yogi or take part in some other sport where you must be aware of your breath you may never think about how you breathe. But take a moment and inhale. Where does your breath go? Is it in your Chest? Belly? Are you able to breathe into your side and Back body? Are you able to even feel those sensations? Maybe you have never tried, or you have had some sort of physical or mental trauma that you don’t want to try?

Session one of the Rolfing 10-series is all about those questions. By using gentle pressure, and movement from the client we work together to free up adhesions or to bring awareness to patterns and perhaps working towards changing them. This session is also about creating a partnership between the Rolfer and the Client. Do we work well together? Do we feel comfortable with the Journey we are about to take together? What are the client’s expectations and is it something that we feel we can accomplish together?

Session one also is about teaching your body how to be Rolfed, and your Body teaching the Rolfer how it likes to be Rolfed. What type of pressure and speed works best for your nervous system? Each session also opens and closes the same, this informs you’re nervous system what to expect each time you get Rolfed. So what’s after session one??? Why session two of course! Come back next week to read session two’s Blog.



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